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K-12 Bridge to Broadband

A new initiative to help connect students to broadband for remote learning. We’re proud to participate in this program to help our midwest Illinois communities.

We've taken the pledge to help connect our students.

Through K-12 Bridge to Broadband, we will work together with our local school districts to identify which students need service and jointly work to provide them with internet access. 

We're helping to bridge the Digital Divide

The K-12 Bridge to Broadband initiative started with the goal to connect students to broadband access for remote learning. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, educators have recognized how essential reliable broadband connections are to the learning experience. 

National organizations and local internet service providers came together to collaborate with hundreds of schools, school districts, and other organizations across the country to identify students that need to be connected. This is a partnership between public schools and broadband providers like us (MTC) to close the digital divide.

The program enables entire communities to work together to coordinate connecting K-12 students.

Our goal is to partner with our local schools to ensure families have access to all the benefits broadband access has to offer for remote student education.

Submit your information to check on your eligibility.

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