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Telecommunications is our business, but building connected communities is our passion.

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Say Goodbye to Bad Connection with MTC's FIBER!

Fiber To The Home is the fastest residential technology available. How does fiber work? Fiber works using fiber-optic lines, which are cables that contain strands of glass. The glass fiber lines then act as a conduit for flashing lights that send codes from one end to the other. This use of light sent over glass in this technology allows for internet speeds  that far surpass what you get from DSL or cable.

Our Story


Where We Started

MTC Communications started in 1995 and became officially incorporated in 1996 as a subsidiary of McDonough Telephone Cooperative. MDTC saw a need in the community to offer combined long distance services along with its current product offerings to continue to best serve its customers.

Launch The Long Distance

On June 12, 1996, MTC began offering competitive long distance service to the members of the cooperative.  MTC set a goal of providing customers with long distance service so MDTC could bill and collect for long distance calls instead of limiting customers to only using other companies.

Expanding The Service Menu

MTC operated exclusively as a long distance provider until 2004 when high speed DSL Internet was introduced to its service options.

MTC Steps Into TV Service

The service menu expanded again in 2005. As McDonough Telephone increased the availability of broadband to its members, MTC joined many other telecommunications providers in offering Internet protocol television (IPTV).

After the overwhelmingly successful launch of MTC TV, MTC added features and expanded its service area. Customers then began to have access to High Definition, PVR service, Video on Demand and Pay Per View as TV enhancements.


Fiber To The Home Introduced

An ongoing Fiber To The Home (FTTH) project brings MTC-TV and High Speed Internet to more residents and businesses. MTC expands service in the McDonough Telephone area as well as into Macomb and its outlying areas.

FTTH Continues To Expand

Fiber optic technology expands and gives MTC customers access to the most advanced communications services available. Residential and Business customers are now being connected to FTTH services in these outlying areas as well.


MTC Continues To Expand Service Areas

MTC Communications expands its service reach outside of the MDTC service area by going into Macomb, Bushnell, Carthage and Monmouth.  This expansion began as an effort to connect all school districts in the region not only to each other, but to several colleges and universities also in the area. 

MTC Launches The Rural Access Network

MTC developed the Rural Access Network to provide DIA, Business Ethernet, and Carrier Ethernet options to rural businesses. RAN intends to expand our network to reach customers and business and provide them with high speed broadband service.


MTC Expands CLEC Service Area

MTC launched a geo-marketing website (mtc.crowdfiber.com) allowing people to register their interest in MTC’s Fiber service, sign up for MTC services, and see updates on build progress. MTC opened zones in February of 2019 and then started the fiber infrastructure build in Carthage and Stronghurst, Illinois that spring.

MTC Expands and Looks to the Future

After seeing an overwhelming need in its surrounding communities, MTC launched its fiber network into Hamilton and Roseville in 2020. MTC made plans to expand into several new surrounding territories on its mtc.crowdfiber.com website. With MTC Communications, you can expect more from our products, services, and employees. Our goal is to provide the services you need supported by an excellent customer experience, so you always stay connected to the best technology solutions. We look forward to being your connection to the future of broadband.

MTC Keeps Expanding with Grant Funding

MTC Awarded R-DOF Grant Money to Bring Fiber to Rural Illinois.

MTC announces the next fiber expansion locations of Macomb and Gladstone, IL for 2022. This fiber expansion provides Internet accessibility of speeds up to 1 Gig, allowing ample bandwidth for running multiple devices (including streaming video) and work-from-home lifestyles.

Interested in Signing up for Fiber?

Check your address to see if MTC fiber is available!​

Sign up for Fiber Interest

First, sign up and fill out our fiber interest form. Then start talking to your neighbors and encourage them to sign up as well! 

Once there is enough interest, MTC starts contacting your neighborhood about becoming a Fiberhood!


Next, we add your Fiberhood to the construction project list. MTC engineers begin working on the planning and scheduling phase of the fiber installation. This could take several months, and it’s dependent upon several outside factors! 

Weather conditions and permits might affect this part of the process.

MTC Contacts Homes in your Potential Fiberhood

Next, we contact home in your potential fiberhood that have registered interest in our service. This determines the number of households interested in our new fiber optic network!

When we’re ready to start constructing fiber drops to homes, we send out an email with our service application to all who’ve signed up.

Install Services & Begin Using Fiber!

Post construction, you will receive a call to schedule an appointment for installation. Our MTC techs then set you up with an MTC router and WiFi password. 

Then you’re all set to start enjoying your internet!


Learn about who makes up our trained staff and how they work to provide you with the best service possible.

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